George W. Bush Hosts Third Annual Bike Ride for Wounded Veterans

Former President George W. Bush joined roughly 20 wounded veterans on Thursday for a 100-kilometer, three-day bike ride as part of the Bush Institute's Military Service Initiative. (The Bush Institute) Via The Washington Times

Crawford, Texas – George W. Bush embarked Thursday on his fifth annual Warrior 100k, a three-day bike ride aimed at highlighting the “bravery and sacrifice of warriors” of America’s veterans.

Unlike many charity events, the Warrior 100 has a profound impact on the lives of veterans and their families. Marlene Urena, the spouse of a wounded veteran, shared her story.

“I was almost lost at one point. Then the Warrior 100 project came and for the first time I felt that I wasn’t alone. Here is our chief commander and he kind of huddles me literally and puts his head here, and he says, ‘Thank you for what you’re doing. Please take good care of him. We are here for you and we understand,’” she said.

In a statement made before the event, Bush said, “I’ll be riding across the deserts of Texas with wounded warriors to show the unbelievable character of our men and women in uniform … it’s a ride to herald people who were dealt a severe blow and said, ‘I’m not going to let it tear me down.’”

America’s 43rd President is no stranger to showing support for our nation’s veterans. Since the time he took office he has stepped up to the plate to show our veterans that he is here for them.