Fight Over Last Rib At Barbecue Results In Fork Stabbing

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The banning of kitchen utensils may be “looming” on the horizon, as incidences such as this violent “fork” attack become more common place.

One woman was hospitalized in Muncie, Indiana and another arrested after a fight broke out during a backyard barbecue. The “last” rib scenario spurred the violent outburst on North Turner Street in Muncie on Sunday night, during a large family barbecue.

According to reports from the local police department, a woman told police that she had been stabbed in the eye with a fork by family friend, Sabrina Davis

The fight broke out on North Turner Street in Muncie on Sunday night. Officers got a call about a stabbing around 7 p.m., in the midst of a large family barbecue.

“She was upset that Davis was taking the last rib from the kitchen,” an officer said in the report. “(She) then confronted Davis about taking all the food.”

The victim claims that Davis was using a fork to take the last “rib” from a pan, when she just turned and used the fork to stab her in the eye.

She was transported to the hospital and treated for lacerations and a swollen eye, and later released.

The attacker, Davis, claims she was acting in self-defense, after the victim pulled out a knife during the confrontation.

“Davis states she stabbed (the victim) in the eye so she wouldn’t stab her with the knife,” the officer said.

The story went “viral” throughout the city of Muncie, hitting the front page of the local newspapers on Wednesday. One neighbor told Fox59, that she went to buy a newspaper, simply so she could see it all herself.

“I usually get the paper to read it but today was special, so I thought I’d go out and buy one,” that neighbor said.

A witness to the “foodie” related assault called the entire incident embarrassing, and everyone agreed that it went a bit too far and was very unfortunate.

“It was just so ridiculous. … Barbecue’s good and all that, but it’s not worth sticking somebody in the eye with a fork, you know?” a neighbor said.

Vicious acts of malice can take shape out of any situation, and people can “snap” at any moment, for any reason. I think our government should re-evaluate all kitchen utensils, and create warning labels and possibly licensing them for common usage.

We cannot continue to allow these vicious acts of food related body piercing to continue without addressing the situation.  These utensils could lead to large death tolls if they continue to allow unlicensed use of these deadly objects. Maybe they can create a study group to do the research on these types of crimes and come up with a viable solution.



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