Donut Shop Robbery Foiled By Clerk With A Gun


No Laughing Matter…

All is well at a Lewiston,Maine donut shop after a clerk armed with a handgun, stopped a robbery in progress. But the two suspects arrested and charged for robbery now say it was a joke. Local police and prosecutors don’t buy it, saying this joke could earn the pair up to 30 years in prison.

According to police, the two men entered a Dunkin Donuts donut shop at 2:30AM on Sunday and told the clerk they were robbing him. A fast acting clerk turned the tables on them. He pulled out a gun and pointed it straight at the suspects who ran off.

A Maine State Police Lieutenant says the two men told the clerk they want his money. He says the clerk asked “Are you robbing me? And they said yes, they are. Then he asks them again are you really robbing me? And they said yes.  He truly believed that he was being robbed and I don’t think anybody would think that to be a joke.”

Constitutional Carry

Police say the clerk does have a concealed weapons permit and often carries a gun with him to work. Earlier this year, the Maine State Legislature passed Constitutional Carry, a bill effectively authorizing all law-abiding citizens the right to carry a concealed handgun without a permit so long as they are allowed to possess a firearm and are over the age of 21. The bill is set to go into effect in October.

Other Maine Gun Control News…

In other Maine Gun Control news, anti-gun former NYC Mayor, Michael Bloomberg and his lobbyist group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense In America filed to collect signatures to bring a referendum next year regarding so called ‘Expanded Background Checks.’ The group must collect ~70,000 signatures before January to bring the referendum to a vote.

The referendum is in stark contrast to the Constitutional Carry bill that was signed just two months ago. The referendums detractors claim that it is unconstitutional and ineffective.

Patrick James, CEO of the grass-roots 2nd Amendment advocacy group Cold Dead Hands issued the following statement addressing Moms Demand Action:

“The People of Maine have already spoken. This past June, Maine joined five other states in abolishing permit requirements that restricted law-abiding citizens from being able to carry firearms. Though the un-constitutionality of this referendum will certainly be lost on those who support it, Mainers know better than to support this attempt at back-door gun control.

Many do not realize that background checks are already in place for all firearms-dealer sales. ‘Expanded background checks’ is a dishonest term that means something else entirely. Gun Registration. Simply put, the ideas presented by  Moms Demand Action are unenforceable by their very nature without Gun Registration. While we would be hard-pressed to sway those who do support MDA, Gun Registration is a term that does not sit well with most Mainers, or Americans for that matter.

Moms Demand Action will make attempts to gain signatures through dishonest means and though we have no doubt that they will collect the number required given their astro-turf funding, we will fight this on every level. The Constitution will prevail.”