Congress Investigating Planned Parenthood; Selling Body Parts of Aborted Babies Illegal [VIDEO]


No matter your opinion on abortions, Pro-Lifers and Pro-Choicers are shocked, appalled and unified (unbelievably) at the recent discovery that an undercover investigation turned up, regarding “Pro-abortion” advocate Planned Parenthood.

As you can see in the undercover video footage, recorded by actors posing as buyers from a human biologics company, Dr. Deborah Nucatola; Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Senior Director of Medical Services describes how her company sells the body parts of aborted unborn children for profit. She even went as far as to say that they use partial-birth abortions to supply intact, viable body parts as well.

At least Congress is taking it into consideration, and investigating the allegations, as Speaker John Boehner announces that committees in the House of Representatives will get involved in the investigation process. Finally they are doing something right and just for a change.

Nucatola (who was recorded during a business lunch, describes how she has overseen the “horrific” medical practice at all of the Planned Parenthood locations since 2009. She seems to take pride in the fact that she has taken part in the training of all new PP abortion doctors, and has actually performed many of them herself at the PP Los Angeles location on patients who are up to 24 weeks along.

Planned Parenthood of course released a statement from a top official defending Nucatola as well as the practice of selling part of the aborted babies, calling it “tissue”. Statement from Eric Ferraro, Vice President of Communications, Planned Parenthood Federation of America:

“In health care, patients sometimes want to donate tissue to scientific research that can help lead to medical breakthroughs, treatments and cures for serious diseases. Women at Planned Parenthood who have abortions are no different. At several of our health centers, we help patients who want to donate tissue for scientific research, and we do this just like every other high-quality health care provider does — with full, appropriate consent from patients and under the highest ethical and legal standards. There is no financial benefit for tissue donation for either the patient or Planned Parenthood. In some instances, actual costs, such as the cost to transport tissue to leading research centers, are reimbursed, which is standard across the medical field.

A well-funded group established for the purpose of damaging Planned Parenthood’s mission and services has promoted a heavily edited, secretly recorded videotape that falsely portrays Planned Parenthood’s participation in tissue donation programs that support lifesaving scientific research. Similar false accusations have been put forth by opponents of abortion services for decades. These groups have been widely discredited and their claims fall apart on closer examination, just as they do in this case.”

Even though federal law prohibits the sale of body parts of aborted babies. In fact, the sale or purchase of human fetal tissue a federal felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $500,000 (42 U.S.C. 289g-2).

Boehner states that the House of Representatives will be looking into the allegations practiced at Planned Parenthood, and issued the following statement on video.

“Nothing is more precious than life, especially an unborn child.  When anyone diminishes an unborn child, we are all hurt, irreversibly so.  When an organization monetizes an unborn child – and with the cavalier attitude portrayed in this horrific  video – we must all act.   As a start, I have asked our relevant committees to look into this matter. I am also calling on President Obama and Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell to denounce, and stop, these gruesome practices.”

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the number two Republican, also released a statement calling on House Committees to investigate inhumane abortion practices first revealed yesterday in a video of a Planned Parenthood employee.

“Life is truly a miracle, and here in the House we have fought and will continue to fight to protect the sanctity of life. I speak for all of my colleagues when I say I was deeply disturbed by reports and video of an organization engaging in such grotesque and inhumane practices. I will be working with House Committees to investigate the claims made by the employee. We should all agree that no life is expendable, and our society has no place for such callous indifference to life.”

These statements came just hours before the members of Congress hosted a press conference calling for a Congressional investigation. Reps Chris Smith (NJ-04), Sean Duffy (WI-07) and Ann Wagner (MO-02) are hosting the press conference that is calling for further investigations.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal are now launching their own investigations into the selling of aborted baby body parts by clinics in their own states.

I have always had mixed emotions on the topic of abortion. Part of me says; “because you don’t have to carry that child, how can you know what it’s like to carry something you don’t want to” and another part says; “It’s a life… how can you simply just “throw” it away.” I believe in my heart that a life begins at conception. If you don’t want a child, practice safe sex. Can’t have safe sex? Then don’t have sex. I don’t believe abortion is the answer, but I will concede that 1st trimester abortions are “more” acceptable to me. Anything after the first trimester (or the point of viability for the fetus to live outside the host) is murder, plan and simple!

Clandestinely selling the “body” parts of aborted babies, whether it’s for profit, for science, or anything else is incredibly heinous, and should be dealt with swiftly and with extreme prejudice for justice.


Full two-hour video footage:

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