Cleveland Protests Over Michael Brelo Acquittal Lead to 71 Arrests [VIDEO]

Police in riot gear pushing angry protestors off E. 4th Street (Dan Pearlman/Twitter)

Cleveland, Ohio is now the target of choice as protestors took to the streets on Saturday chanting anti-police slogans following the acquittal of a white police officer charged in the shooting deaths of two black motorists.

The Cleveland Police Dept. tweeted just after 11:30 p.m. (est) that officers had already made multiple arrests during the (un)peaceful demonstrations, yet most MainStream Media have decided that there is not enough unrest to warrant their “full” attention.

Three suspects were arrested after reports that an object was thrown through a restaurant window, injuring one of the female patrons. The Associated Press has reported that about a dozen protestors were arrested for failing to disperse from an alley in the city’s Warehouse District, although none of the traditional mainstream media outlets con confirm it.

During a Sunday morning press conference, Police Department Officials stated that 71 people were arrested, including 39 adult men, 16 women, and a “few” juveniles. Charges ranged from obstruction of justice to aggravated rioting.

The protests started on Saturday morning after Officer Michael Brelo was found not guilty of voluntary manslaughter in the shooting deaths of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams, after he ended their high-speed chase back in November 2012.  A small group of activists rallied outside the courthouse, chanting “”Hands up, Don’t shoot!”

Although demonstrations remained largely peaceful throughout the day, with no obvious clashes between the protesters and law enforcement, a series of photos posted via social media, depicts nearly 150 protesters blocking intersections as well as a downtown highway. Cleveland’s mayor and chief of police stated Saturday afternoon that they hoped the protests would remain calm.

“While the first amendment rights of those wishing to lawfully express their thoughts and views will be supported by the Division of Police,” Chief Calvin D. Williams said, “any unlawful behavior, acts of violence or destruction of property, will not be tolerated.”

The shooting of Russell and Williams nearly three years ago cast a bad light on the often tense relationship between the LEO community and the minorities living within their jurisdiction, and they rose precipitously after the November shooting of 12 year-old Tamir Rice.

The verdict delivered in the Brelo case follows protests and rioting last month in Baltimore as well as the recent unrest in New York City and Ferguson, Missouri.


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