CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Man Holds Would-be Carjacker at Gunpoint Until Police Arrive



An Atlanta man is alive and well today after he was forced to hold a would-be carjacker at gun point until police arrived on scene and arrested the suspect.

The car owner, Hashim Fannin says he had just pulled into a Family Dollar discount store when the attempted carjacking took place. The man jumped into his passenger seat and threatened him. That is when Mr. Fannin drew his gun.

I told him no, there’s no leaving, leaving was before you hopped into my car … at this point there is no leaving,” Fannin said.

The suspect, Edgar Horn, 61, was held face down at gun point for several minutes while police were on their way.

“You were not trying to rob me? Do you just get into random people’s car? You thought I was your friend? So you woke up stupid this morning?…” Fannin recalled saying to the man.

When officers arrived on scene, Fannin put down his gun and exchanged a friendly hand shake with one of the arresting officers. The suspect was arrested for attempted robbery and entering an automobile.

Things did not turn out how Mr. Horn had hoped. Criminal opportunists like him will soon learn that American’s are tired of their criminal antics and will not put up with them any longer. Chalk this one up as a win for armed citizens everywhere.