Call To Arms: GOP and Tea Party Face Off

The Tea Party movement is looking to allow parts of the Patriot Act to expire this year. Other Republicans will only allow the un-Patriotic Act to be renewed if the NSA’s domestic spying – uhh…surveillance program is restricted. The expiring provisions cover surveillance against ‘lone wolves’ and specific wiretaps known as roving wiretaps.

Judge rules against Norman Music Festival’s ‘No Gun’ Policy

It seems that Oklahoma judges are taking their constitutional rights a bit more seriously lately, as Judge Thad Balkman rules in favor of the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association request for a restraining order against the Norman Music Alliance and City of Norman’s “no-gun” policy during the Norman Music Festival.

Ted Cruz Speaks Out Against Attorney General Nominee

After months of debate, President Obama’s Attorney General Nominee, Loretta Lynch, was approved by the Senate today. One of Ms. Lynch’s greatest opponents (second only to the American people) and Republican Presidential hopeful, Senator Ted Cruz (R – TX) had this to say.