Burglar Assaults 72 Year Old Texas Man, Bad Idea | Armed Citizen

(Photo: Kevin Reece / KHOU 11 News)

TEXAS – May 15th

Police investigators believe that a 72-year-old Texas man was “well within his rights” to  shoot an intruder who had broken into a building on the man’s property and assaulted him with a metal gasoline can.

Robert Dietz, 72, said that his surveillance camera system suddenly stopped working on Friday morning, so he went out on his porch to investigate. Upon investigating further, Dietz found his camera system had been disabled and the lock on a nearby storage trailer had been sheared off. When Dietz entered the storage trailer, he was confronted by a man who was “deep inside” the trailer.

The man noticed Dietz, picked up a metal gasoline can and threw it at him. “It hit me on the side of the head,” Dietz said. After being assaulted, Dietz responded by shooting the man once with a handgun.

The suspect was hit in the stomach and ran away, but was later apprehended and brought to Ben Taub Hospital. He is expected to survive.

As KHOU reports, Dietz doesn’t believe he hit the man, “‘They tell me I hit him. I don’t believe it because he ran out of here like a gazelle and went over that fence,’ said Dietz who said he often carries a handgun while walking or working on his 2.5 acres on Mooney Road.”

“[Dietz] will not be charged at this time. It will be referred to a grand jury,” the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said.


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  1. It’s about time we US citizens stand up and take back control of this beautiful country we’ve been blessed with and stop letting corruption, thugs and a crooked gvt ruin this God blessed land. We’ve taken advantage of being able to relax and letting things blow by thinking it will go away and pass. Well,, wake up because it’s not going to go away. Stand now are suffer later, I’d rather die trying to do what’s right and especially for this country. I feel I owe it for the future and all I’ve been blessed with to ba an American. God Bless America.

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