Bruce Jenner: Dude Looks Like A Lady

Source: NY Daily News

Just days before Bruce Jenner, Olympic decathlon gold medalist and man in transition, sits down with Diane Sawyer the long range lenses of the paparazzi catch what may be a prequel to that interview. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies were called out to the Malibu home of Bruce Jenner last week because photographers were camped out on a nearby hillside using telephoto lenses to snap pictures, which is illegal. Reportedly, the 65 year old former Olympian had confronted the paparazzi before and threatened police action and on Tuesday he apparently kept to his word.

The photos, allegedly from that day, have surfaced and appear to show Bruce Jenner in a long blue and white striped dress having a smoke on the patio of his Malibu home. Purchased and published by the NY Daily News, the photos have triggered a bit of controversy above and beyond Mr. Jenner’s wardrobe choices.  Although the NY Daily News have exclusive rights to the photos, CNN aired the photos as well, reportedly without permission. Some say that CNN rushed to air with the pictures in an attempt to “get the scoop” on ABC in light of the scheduled interview. CNN’s Don Lemon used it in a panel discussion for the segment “Caught on Camera: Bruce Jenner’s New Look?” to discuss what Jenner’s revelation means for the transgender community.

It seems Bruce can still generate a buzz, all it takes is a full length, long sleeved, striped dress with a slit from hem to knee in order to show a little calf. With the upcoming Diane Sawyer interview, it would seem to be a very opportune time for such photos to come out. That being said, Bruce could still press charges against the photographers. As to how the tiff between CNN and NY Daily News will play out, there could very well be lawyers involved there as well. The special, “Bruce Jenner – The Interview,” with Diane Sawyer airs on ABC at 9:00 pm ET Friday, April 24.

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