BREAKING: Texas Gov. Defies Obama, Arms Texas National Guard On Base

BREAKING NEWS: Austin, Texas 


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced Saturday that he will authorize the Texas National Guard to arm National Guard soldiers at military facilities across Texas. His order comes in wake of the recent shooting on two military facilities in Chattanooga, Tennessee, that claimed the lives of four US Marines and one Navy sailor. Governor Abbott said in a statement,


“It is with a heavy heart that I issue this order. After the recent shooting in Chattanooga, it has become clear that our military personnel must have the ability to defend themselves against these type of attacks on our own soil. Arming the National Guard at these bases will not only serve as a deterrent to anyone wishing to do harm to our service men and women, but will enable them to protect those living and working on the base.”


Abbott is not the first governor to take action in response to the Chattanooga shooting, in Texas’ neighboring state of Oklahoma, Gov. Mary Fallin (R) took action to arm military personnel at a number of military facilities, after Thursday’s tragic attacks in Chattanooga.


“Four unarmed Marines were killed in what appears to be a domestic terrorist attack,” Fallin said in a statement. “It is painful enough when we lose members of our armed forces when they are sent in harm’s way, but it is unfathomable that they should be vulnerable for attack in our own communities.”“For that reason, I want to make sure that our National Guardsmen are authorized to arm themselves at our military facilities,” the Republican governor added.Governor Fallin issued executive order 2015-35, in which she called the Chattanooga shooter a “cowardly killer” and a terrorist.”

Her message was a far-cry from President Barack Obama’s almost-apologetic message in response to the attack, during which he asked for “respect” for Islam even before he addressed the attack. The order authorized Oklahoma adjutant general Maj. Gen. Robbie L. Asher to “arm certain full-time military personnel on military installations throughout Oklahoma with weaponry as deems necessary to adequately provide for the security of the facilities and their occupants.”

“Such installations shall include, but not be limited to, military recruiting offices” it said.

The Chattanooga attacks have re-started the debate as to whether military personnel should be allowed to carry firearms on military bases. A number of Republican presidential candidates have offered their opinions, saying that they would immediately get rid of the current policy and allow servicemen to carry firearms.



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  1. How about you tell the readers that the directive to service members not to carry weapons came from DOD head under George H.W. bush. Shameful reporting and exploitation of a tragedy.

    • 4 marines get killed he goes off to a Broadway play and refuses to lower flag to half mast… is that bush’s fault too. He is an embarrassment.

    • Really? Last time I checked the order came from direct executive order passed by Bill Clinton, forbidding all military personnel to carry their firearms on military installations.

  2. Angie, it makes no difference who signed a bill prohibiting service members from carrying arms. It’s past history. The issue is that Obama REFUSES to call this shooter or the other shooters terrorists! And he has not and will most likely oppose any efforts to arm our service members

  3. Avatar Gregory Smith | July 18, 2015 at 8:18 pm |

    Oscumbag could have changed it after the FT Hood shootings..What did his worthless sorry ass do? He called it work place violence.

  4. Avatar Rooster Cogburn | July 18, 2015 at 10:39 pm |

    The directive did NOT come from DOD under George HW Bush. It has been military policy for a LONG time to disallow soldiers to be armed while on post, and to check all weapons, including personal weapons, into the arms room. This was the policy when I was in under Reagans administration. Sorry, as much as I dislike the Bush’s, this simply isn;t on their shoulders.

    Regardless though…it is good to see that the Governors of various states are standing up to this corrupt administration, and allowing the NG to arm themselves for their own protection. And for those Governors who haven’t got the balls to stand up to the fed, We the People need to protect the protectors. In several states already, civilians are standing armed guard outside recruiting offices. This is exactly what our founders would have done. This is the embodiment of the American Patriot.

  5. You guys are all dumb there is a reason dod don’t want active service member to be armed. Alcohol and guns don’t mix

    • USMC gone complete retard. Are you presuming that all service members drink especially on recruiting stations? Where the fk did you come from? I want one of those recruiting stations where I would walk in with three sheets to the wind.

  6. USMC I think you’re the dumb ass. First based on your name I believe you are pretending to be a marine. I don’t believe based on your comment that you are one. Of course alcohol and guns don’t mix. That’s a no brainer. I don’t think you know anything about being on base and the soldiers there that have now become targets.

  7. Who cares what was done in the past or what bill or order was given by who ever. This government has not responded to world events so they have put this men and women in harms way in their home land. where they are suppose to be safe. They should me allowed to carry a side arm at work, at home, at the store.

  8. I was in the military in the 60’s & 70’s and stateside on military post no one was allowed to have live ammo in a weapon except on a firing range.

  9. You may want to go back a little father. It was Clinton that disarmed our military.

  10. You may want to go back a little father. It was Clinton that disarmed our military.

  11. So it is quit obvious that our sons, daughters, moms, dads, brothers, sisters and people we know and care about in the military on US soil are targets of easy opportunity by enemies of these United States.

    Our leaders need to mandate that all military personnel not on Suicide watch or Homicidal watch must carry a side arm, 9mm or. 45 cal while on duty or in uniform. This needs to be the standard. These sidearm cannot be removed from holster except in defense. Cleaning of weapon , loading, unloading, inspection, PMCS, etc must be utilized only in certain designated location. All violations of this very strict regulations should be punishable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Training on this new Standard must be conducted quarterly. Funding will be provided for initial training and deployment will be provided by congress. This is what I believe must happen.

  12. Avatar Brenda Mai | July 20, 2015 at 8:13 pm |

    It wasn’t until this so-called President was put into office that we have seen ‘terrorist’ attacks on our military in the Homeland. The rules have to be changed to fit the situation!

  13. If the commie federal government won’t do its job, then the states will need to.


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