BREAKING: Navy Officer, Marine Killed In Shooting Were Armed May Killed Shooter


The Gun Free Zone Debate: ALLOWED v ABLE

A new report that was published Wednesday says that two of the service members murdered last week in Chattanooga were in possession of personal firearms during the shooting at the training center, a Gun Free Zone.

According to The Navy Times and a number of military officials familiar with reports on the tragedy,  Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White, the commanding officer at the Navy Operational Support Center, fired his personal handgun at Mohammed Abdulazeez during Thursday’s attack.

The Lieutenant Commander was not alone, one of the four Marines killed in the attack apparently fired a Glock 9mm at the gunman. Sources in the Law Enforcement Community informed Fox News on Tuesday that the FBI had recovered a Glock at the scene and noted it did not belong to police or to the shooter. The sources said the weapon had been fired.

Fox News also reported that the FBI had recovered a Glock from the scene of the shooting and added that it was not believed to have belonged to the shooter or local police.

While it was initially reported that a police officer had killed the attacker, that has yet to be confirmed, Fox said, adding that there is a very real possibility that the Marine or Navy Officer could have fired the fatal shots. The autopsies of the gunman and his victims have been completed and more information could be released later this week. Ballistics tests would then be required to determine which weapon fired the fatal shots.

It is a violation of Military  policy for anyone to carry weapons on federal property, unless they are Military Police or Law Enforcement. It was not immediately clear whether Lt. Cmdr White would face disciplinary action.

The actions taken by both the Marine and Lt. Cmdr White should be commended. Their brave actions are the epitome of the American way. The message we want our readers to take away from the tragedy in Chattanooga is the very important difference between being ALLOWED and being ABLE. These men certainly understood the need to provide for their own personal security and were prepared to pay the price.