Brantley Gilbert Shows Off Second Amendment Tattoos

Brantley Gilbert; country music star, outlaw biker and American patriot

In the world of country music, many “old school” outlaw aficionados look down on the “new wave” of pop-sounding crossover music.  Is Brantley Gilbert one of those radio friendly musicians of this genre, or is he really a “badass outlaw musician”?  As Tim McGraw takes heat for his upcoming performance at the Sandy Hook Promise concert, a group that is working to increase regulations on gun ownership, Gilbert is strutting across the stage in his “wranglers and boots” sporting bulging biceps and wicked tattoos, as though he were an outlaw biker.

There is no doubt, however you view his music, this man is an American patriot that talks about the 2nd Amendment and our troops from the very stage he earns his living.  Encouraging his fans to support their gun rights, support their troops and bring back true American values.

It seems that Brantley is taking his 2nd Amendment beliefs one step further, using his back as the canvas and allowing artist Carl Grace, to work his magic.  Starting with twin .45s back in February, Gilbert decided it was time to finish the patriotic “back piece” by adding the wording from the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution, just above his waist line and the word “Amendment” emboldened across his shoulder blades.

Brantley Gilbert/Instagram

Brantley Gilbert/Instagram

The black and gray artwork with just a touch of red ink outline, shows the intricate detail of a masterful artist, and Gilbert definitely seems pleased with the efforts as he writes; “I wanted to take my support of the 2nd amendment to another level, so my boy Carl Grace came by the house and hooked me up yesterday!!!”

Now it definitely helps that Brantley’s physique provides an incredible background for such a large tattoo, as his broad shoulders and wide back v-down into a slender waist, creating the perfect canvas for the large tattoo.  It is unclear as to how many tats Gilbert has total, but there is no doubt this is one is pretty dang sweet.

He told Taste of Country Nights last month, that he was planning to “ink” his name on a marriage license soon, as he and fiance Amber Cochran will tie the knot. Even though he didn’t provide a date yet, telling them he’d be honeymooning in Little Dix Bay, a tropical paradise in the British Virgin Islands, there is no doubt there are hearts breaking across the world regarding that revelation.


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