Bottles And Rocks Thrown In Mother’s Day Beach Brawl

Police arrest 10 to 12 people in suburban Mass. beach brawl

It is unknown how many of the “brawlers” were mothers, but more than 100 people were involved in the “Battle on the Beach” that had would-be pugilists reverting to bottle and rock throwing.  Nine people were arrested in the fracas that even included police officers getting pelted with the makeshift weapons.

The fight took place near the bandstand on Massachusetts’ Revere Beach Sunday evening around 6:15 p.m. when two girls or women began fighting, Mayor Dan Rizzo stated, their boyfriends then joined in, then their friends joined in and it grew from there.

No serious injuries were reported, but rocks and bottles were thrown not only at participants but law enforcement as well, during the fray. Although Massachusetts State Police Lt. Dan Richard stated that the bottles were likely the plastic variety.

Five females and four males were charged with disorderly conduct.  One of the people arrested, Cornelius Jackson age 24, was arraigned on Monday for charges of trespassing, resisting arrest, giving a false name and disorderly conduct. During his detainment, he allegedly attempted to kick out the windows of the State Police cruiser.

He reportedly has pleaded not guilty and released on personal recognizance, although is not permitted to go anywhere near Revere Beach and also has a 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. curfew. He’s scheduled to return for his pre-trial hearing on July 15th with attorney Rayleen Wentz representing.

The other eight people arrested were juveniles and their names are being withheld, but are also expected to be arraigned on Monday as well.

It took troopers from three Massachusetts State Police barracks, as well as Revere, Boston and Lynn department officers to secure the scene, with Chelsea Police providing mutual assistance.

The Revere Police department and local State Police barracks announced on Monday that they will be increasing patrols on and near the beach location as they anticipate larger summer crowds as the season rapidly approaches, hoping to stem the potential for them to become unruly. They will have uniformed and undercover officers patrolling the location as well as at least one K-9 unit. Their focus will be on large disorderly groups, gang activity, illegal drug use, underage drinking, fighting and motor vehicle offenses.

“We will undertake a comprehensive and coordinated effort with our law enforcement partners to ensure that anyone who wants to use the beach peacefully this summer can do so without fear of unruly groups and criminal activity,” said Major Arthur Sugrue, commander of Troop A of the Massachusetts State Police. “Everyone is welcome to enjoy all our state beaches and reservations, but must do so lawfully and with respect for the rights of others around them.”


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