Blinn College Shooting Results In Death Of Student or; How Irresponsible Reporting Propagandizes Negativity About Guns

LACIE CHRISTABELLE LAROSE VIA FACEBOOK Lacie LaRose, 19, was shot and killed at a Texas graduation party that started with a fight over beer pong rules, a witness said.

Before I even start this article, I want to extend my personal condolences to family and friends of Lacie LaRose, an innocent bystander who’s only fault was being in the “wrong place, at the wrong time”.

Now with that being said, I would like to continue with a bit of the background information regarding this incident that left one teenager dead and two more injured, when a “thug” returned to a college party with a grudge and a gun.

Gun Control advocates have been “banging the drums” louder and louder as their ineffective tactics begin to break down, and all they are left with are “sensationalized” headlines that are being distorted by irresponsible journalists with an “axe to grind” and the narcissistic desire for their own “fifteen minutes of fame”. It is time that responsibility returns to the world of journalism. A place where headlines are not used for “ill-gotten” gains, journalistic fame and fortune or propagandized political advocacy.

Here are the facts regarding this incident;

The incident took place in College Station, Texas where a group of Blinn College students were throwing a typical “college graduation” party.  Landon Duke decided to throw a party for his “college” friends where they could watch the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight, play games such as “Beer Pong” and other college aged drinking games, and simply “cut loose” after a long, hard year of studying.

As any respectable Texan, Duke took it upon himself to walk door to door in his neighborhood, letting them all know that he was throwing the party and if things got too loud, to please let him know and he would control it. One of his neighbors took that as an invitation and showed up uninvited with a “few” of his friends.

pong5n-3-webRonald Wayne McNeil, a convicted felon showed up unannounced with two friends, expecting to be able to attend the party. Duke graciously allowed them to stay, seeing no reason not to allow them to join the party that already had over 100 other guests in attendance.

As the night turned to early morning the 39 year-old McNeil became embroiled in a confrontation stemming from the rules involved in the game of Beer Pong. Witnesses stated that a few punches were thrown during the confrontation and the 23 year-old Duke asked McNeil and his friends to leave, but not before McNeil threatened to return.

“We’re a bunch of college kids. We didn’t think anything was really going to happen. Just to be safe, we closed the garage door anyway,” Duke, who graduated from Texas A&M last month, said in a phone interview with the news site.

From accounts recorded by law enforcement, the students continued partying and then at one point, Lacie LaRose walked outside to get a few beers. That’s when McNeil allegedly came back and fired off 14 rounds with his .40-caliber Glock and Ms. LaRose sustained the injuries that would claim her life.

McNeil told police that he accidentally fired while running back toward to the house. He also told investigators he was just trying to scare the kids at the party with his pistol.

Those are the facts in the incident as reported by several news outlets, and the accounts recorded by law enforcement. At this point, the articles I have read depict the scene just as it was and is, but they highlight the “Beer Pong” game as the reason for the shooting, rather than the ignitor. The bottom-line is a convicted felon exacted his revenge upon a group of innocent bystanders. An innocent life was taken much too soon, at the hands of a cowardly thug who didn’t get his way and was intent on making someone pay for his embarrassment.  A bully… nothing more, nothing less.

My problem is not with the incident or how the articles were written per se, although some were obvious slanted into the “gun control” advocates wheelhouse. The problem here is with the “headlines”. Irresponsible journalists, editors and newspaper owners are ramping up the headline to sell more papers, but in the process they are jading the public with sensationalized headlines that depict a much different story. And they are doing it with a political agenda that goes against the basic tenets of our Constitutional rights.

In this day and age, the average American citizen has about an “8 second” attention span, and headlines are about all they have time for. Thirtysomethings’ do not read between the lines anymore, and this is causing some groups to take advantage of that trend.  Groups such as Moms Demand Action are taking incidences that are occurring across our Nation and propagandizing the headline, in hopes of gaining support for more gun control legislation. This is all fine and well, as both sides of the political spectrum do this to a certain degree, but twisting headlines so far from the truth is an irresponsible tactic that needs to be chastised by the citizens of this country.

In this unfortunate incident, a young, beautiful and innocent girl lost her life.  A very tragic event that I am most certain everyone will agree upon, but this was “no accident”.  This was a bully using whatever means he had at access, to exact revenge upon those that made him mad.  This was NOT a law-abiding citizen with a legally owned firearm (felons cannot legally own firearms), this was a criminal with an illegally obtained weapon.  He could have just as easily went home, gotten into his legally registered vehicle and exacted the same revenge upon the same people, and caused the same if not more damage.

This type of reporting needs to stop, and the only people who can make that happen is YOU! We the People have all the control, if we would only learn to act, instead of react.

Pro-activity will reclaim this Nation, reactivity will destroy it.

We all have to educate ourselves, stay on top of what is happening in our society, and stop letting others do the work for us.  It’s time We the People take this country back… not through a violent physical rebellion, but a proactive revolution that puts an end to “yellow journalism”, Hollywood stereotyping and overzealous politicians who are hellbent on dividing our Nation through every unethical media tactic available.

It’s time WE step up and take this country back from those who are trying to destroy it.











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Patrick James
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