Biker War In Texas? Shoot-Out At Waco Twin Peaks Restaraunt


UPDATE: This is a Breaking and Developing story, but here is what we know so far. Sunday afternoon, May 17th, at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco Texas, rival “Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs” were involved in a brawl that ended in gun fire between rival bikers and police. There are reportedly 9 dead and 18 injured in the shoot-out. Early reports claim that the Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs involved are the Bandidos (The largest MC in Texas, 2nd only to the Hells Angels in size) and the Cossacks MC. Members from as many as 5 different MCs may have been present at the shooting and reports are now coming out that the altercation may have begun over “recruitment” issues between the two main MCs. The smaller MCs typically feed members into the larger MCs and are territorial in nature.

CBS 10 KWTX reports:

Waco police Sunday afternoon, assisted by Department of Public Safety troopers, police officers from several cities and deputies from the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office were surrounding the Twin Peaks Restaurant, in the Central Texas Market Place after several people were reported shot during a rival motorcycle gang fight, Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said. Police and troopers were in the parking lot trying to secure the area and protect citizens when a fight broke out inside the restaurant and spilled into the parking lot.

Swanton said the fight quickly escalated from fists and feet to chains, clubs and knives, then to gunfire. Gang members were shooting at each other and officers at the scene fired their weapons, as well, Swanton said. Other patrons in Twin Peaks and some employees locked themselves in a freezer to escape the fight.

Police are advising that people avoid the area, as it is not yet fully secured. There have also been unconfirmed reports of addition bikers arriving in Waco this afternoon, leading to speculation that retaliation and an outright gang war are a potential threat. Officers have reportedly recovered over 50 weapons from the scene, ranging from knives, clubs and chains to firearms and several vehicles were damaged, including bullet holes.

“It is one of the most violent scenes I’ve seen in my 34 years as a police officer in Waco,” said Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton. Adding that the scene at Twin Peaks is “as secure as it can be right now,” but police are concerned that groups who were involved in the first incident may be moving to other locations in and around Waco where more violence could erupt.

Video from the scene – No Audio via YouTube

The Interstate 35 exit onto Loop 340 southbound is closed, as is the access road that runs alongside the Interstate. “We have multiple medical and law enforcement resources in the area who are dealing with the issue,” Swanton said.

According to District Attorney Abel Reyna, trouble at Twin Peaks among rival bikers had been brewing for some time, local police were on heightened alert in anticipation of trouble on Thursday nights, when Twin Peaks hosts a Biker Night. Reyna added that some weeks ago trouble erupted between two local motorcycle gangs and that spilled over into gangs from the Dallas-Fort Worth area showing up to support the local groups.

There are no reports of injuries to officers or bystanders, the injuries reported appear to all be members of the rival gangs involved in the shoot-out.


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  1. Avatar Robert Frayer | May 18, 2015 at 4:15 pm |

    (The author is blatantly lying) Funny how it has evolved from a gun fight between 2 bikers gangs to a gunfight between 3 biker gangs and police….. Not one officer shot at, not one officer dead, not one officer fired a shot at the biker gangs and there were only 2 gangs. This is really getting twisted into a lie.

  2. All CLUBS are not gangs!!

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