Baltimore Reporter Saved By Armed Business Owner

Justin Fenton, a reporter for the Baltimore Sun, was in West Baltimore reporting on the on-going riots, when he was accosted by an assailant armed with a can of mace.

“I ran down and got in the middle of everything”

Famous last words right?

Fenton was being protected by a group of Crips gang members near a location that was being actively looted. He made the mistake of turning away from his protectors to take a photo, and that is when his day took a turn for the worse:

A man wearing a hoodie approached him, armed with a can of mace, and demanded that he hand over his cell phone and began to spray him with the mace.

As he was being assaulted, Fenton fled to a nearby store where he met his true guardian angel – a business owner armed with a loaded shotgun. Once his assailant realized that the tides had turned, he did not follow Fenton into the store.

Second Amendment: 1 Looting Criminal: 0