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Like The Status Quo on Immigration? Then Hillary May Be Your Choice [VIDEO]

If you are in favor of the current administrations immigration policies, it appears Democrat presidential front runner Hillary Clinton is promising more of the same, pledging Tuesday to take further executive actions if Congress fails to pass comprehensive immigration reform and accused Republicans of advocating to give undocumented workers “second class status”, according to NBC News.


“Super Earth” Exoplanets Found Around Nearby Star

Two new alien worlds somewhat larger than Earth have been found circling a nearby star.

These exoplanets (or extrasolar planets – planets circling a star other than our own), HD 7924c and HD 7924d, are “super Earths”, 7.9 and 6.4 times greater than our home planet, researchers said. They orbit the start HD 7924 – hence their names – which is just 54 light years from the sun. Pretty darn close when you consider the Milky Way is about 100,000 light years across.

Boone Dam Aerial

Is Another Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Brewing in Eastern Tennessee?

The nuclear disaster in Fukushima Japan rages on, with disaster recurring each day at the plant – according to a Japan Nuclear Expert. For the uninitiated, the nuclear reactors at Fukushima Japan was inundated by a tsunami on March 11, 2011, causing 3 of the plant’s six nuclear reactors to go into meltdown. The situation is still not contained and radioactive materials are spewing from the site every day poisoning the waters of the Pacific Ocean.


Utah Gives Homes to the Homeless

The State of Utah has an out-of-the-box strategy for dealing with the homeless: give them homes. Sounds crazy, or cliché, but it seems to be working. According to NBC News, in 2005, Utah’s chronically homeless…

Grace Lee Whitney

Star Trek’s Yeoman Rand, Grace Lee Whitney, Dies at 85

As a long-time Star Trek fan who is old enough to have seen and remember the original series when it first aired, I was very surprised to learn that Grace Lee Whitney’s character Yeoman Rand was only in the first eight episodes. Of course, she appeared in most of the original series-based films, but it still was surprising to me because I remember her prominently from the series, so it’s sad to hear that she died this weekend in the town of Coarsegold, California, apparently of natural causes.


33 Year Olds: Continue Listening to New Music – It’s Good For Your Brain

In highly scientific study (read that as not scientific at all), Spotify data suggests that people stop listening to new music at age 33.

As a somewhat older than 33 year old, I can affirm that, had I not had a son that is fanatical about music, I would not have listened to new music much past my 30s, so the study does make sense. But, since it’s based on Spotify data, maybe the conclusions drawn are due to the fact that we old folks just don’t use Spotify that much.

Pancreatic Cancer Cells

Can Cancer Be Predicted Years in Advance?

According to CBS News, a simple blood test may be able to predict cancer years before a diagnosis.

New research from Northwestern Medicine in collaboration with Harvard University shows scientists a distinct patter in the changing lengths of telomeres, the protective end caps on our strands of DNA, are a biomarker, predicting cancer years before it develops.

BB King

Blues Legend B.B. King Is In Hospice At Vegas Home

Blues legend B.B. King is resting in his Las Vegas home in hospice care according to a longtime business associate with legal control over his affairs.

The 89-year-old musician posted thanks on his official website for fans’ well-wishes and prayers after he returned home from a brief hospitalization, said Laverne Toney, King’s longtime business manager and current power-of-attorney.