Aurora Theater Shooter Says: “There weren’t any children hurt, were there?”

Colorado theater shooter James Holmes, far left, sits at the defense table at the opening of his trial in Centennial, Colo., Monday, April 27, 2015. COLORADO JUDICIAL DEPARTMENT VIA AP

A woman injured during the shooting at an Aurora, Colorado movie theater testified in court Tuesday, that when the shooting began, she looked at her husband and told him she loved him, because she feared they wouldn’t survive.

“I didn’t know if it was the last time I would be able to do so,” Denise Axelrod told the jury. The young newlywed testified during the six-day trial of James Holmes, the man who is charged with killing 12 people and injuring another 70 in the July 2012 attack.

Axelrod, who had just returned from her honeymoon, states she went to the Batman movie with her husband, Brandon and friend, Joshua Nowlan, at the suburban Denver theater.  Brandon Axelrod suffered leg injuries as they attempted to hide from the gunfire, and Nowlan was also shot during the fray as well.

Holmes pled not guilty by reason of insanity, as his attorneys continue to present evidence that proves he suffers from schizophrenia and didn’t know right from wrong during the uncontested admission of actually perpetrating the crime.

Prosecutors are maintaining that Holmes was indeed sane prior to, during and after the event, and are seeking the death penalty.

Monday, jurors were made privy to a video of Holmes after the attack, asking detectives, “There weren’t any children hurt, were there?”

The video depicts detectives interviewing a dazed-sounding Holmes, about two hours after he committed the crime. Although the detectives don’t answer him directly about the children, they reply with, “We’ll get to that.” knowing that one of the 12 who died from gunshot wounds was 6 year-old Veronica Moser-Sullivan.

Detective Chuck Mehl was given the opportunity to testify that Holmes may have seen a sign for the Crimes Against Children Unit that was posted on a wall in the headquarters while he was being escorted to the interview room, and simply prompted him to spout those words.

It is obvious from watching the video of the interview that some of Holmes questions were a “bit” odd, including when officers asked if he needed anything, he replied, “Oxygen.” When asked if he was having trouble breathing or wanted a fan, he replied with a simple “no”.  Even when asking to how to spell his name, he answered, “Like Sherlock.”

As an editorial sidenote, I would like to pose this question in regards to this horrific event;

Would the outcome of this shooting been different, if just one of the several trained military veterans present had been able to carry their concealed handgun?  Many people have responded to this question with; there was too much exposure for one man to have made a significant difference in the outcome.  Holmes was armed with semi-automatic rifles and wearing body armor, how would a one person with a handgun have ever controlled that situation?

All I can say is; “Ask the 60 year-old patrol officer from Garland, Texas how he managed to take down two assailants wielding rifles and wearing body armor with only his Glock duty pistol?”



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