Attack on Church Thwarted When Extremist Shoots Himself

Paris Prosecutor Francois Molins addresses the media Wednesday April 22, 2015. An Islamic extremist with an arsenal of heavy weapons planned an imminent attack on one or more French churches, Molins said Wednesday, announcing the arrest of the man who is also accused in the death of a young mother, Aurelie Chatelain, a 32-year-old Frenchwoman visiting Paris for a training session for her work. JACQUES BRINON AP Read more here:

An Islamic terrorist with a small arsenal attempts to wreak havoc upon Paris churchgoers.

The 24 year old computer science student was a suspect in the earlier death of a young woman whose body was found shortly before his arrest, makes the “stupid criminal” list by thwarting his own evil plans by shooting himself in the leg.

“Paris Prosecutor Francois Molins said the suspect – an Algerian who had lived in France for several years – was arrested in Paris Sunday after he apparently shot himself by accident and called for an ambulance.”

The man was found awaiting the ambulance outside his apartment when police officers arrived.  Following a trail of blood to the man’s car, they found loaded weapons and notes of potential targets. Further investigations into the southeastern Paris apartment turned up several Kalashnikov automatic rifles as well as phones and computers that led police to documents containing Al Qaida and Islamic State materials.

He had also been in communications with a person who could have been located in Syria, who “explicitly asked him to target a church,” Molins said, declining to answer questions about the investigation into what he termed “an imminent attack.”

Paris officials have been on “high alert” status in regards to terrorist attacks since the Jan 7-9 incidents that left 20 citizens dead.  Three gunmen also died in those attacks, two of which had been flagged by French Intelligence as possible Islamic terrorists; but their surveillance had been called off months before the attack.

Although Paris has strict NO TOLERANCE gun control policies, it seems these criminals may have ignored the strict ordinances in the perpetration of their activities.  As with many criminals, the law makes very little difference to them or the outcome of their illegal activities.  Many would agree that Parisians should be very thankful to this particular criminal for not using “proper safety” techniques and foiling his own attempt prior to hurting innocent citizens.

It is blatantly obvious that law enforcement at every level in France failed miserably in maintaining security for their unarmed populace. I of course, am not condemning them for this failure as I know it is impossible to police every threat, but it does create the question; “How efficiently can law enforcement protect an  unarmed society?”

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