Armed Citizen Saves Rookie Police Officer

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Oklahoma City – 

Things were looking grim for Rookie OKC Police Officer Adam Eller. After responding to a burglary report on the north-west side of Oklahoma City, Eller was assaulted by one of the burglary suspects, and severely beaten with his own baton.

Fortunately for Eller, an armed citizen witnessed the assault and stepped in to help, likely saving the officer from more serious  injury or worse.

One of the two burglary suspects, Jermaine Williams, took off on foot when he saw officers. A foot chase ensued and during the chase the two officers became separated, resulting in Eller finding himself alone once he caught up to Williams. As Officer Eller attempted to place Williams under arrest a struggle ensued. During the fight, Williams took control of Eller’s baton and then struck him over the head six to twelve times.

While Eller was being assaulted, a heroic witness stepped with his weapon drawn, telling Williams that he would fire on him if he did not stop assaulting Eller. The witness has yet to be identified.

Both Tremaine and Jermaine Williams were taken into custody. Eller was rushed from the scene to an area hospital, but was subsequently released on Wednesday and is expected to make a full recovery.

Armed Citizen: 1 – Dirtbag Criminal: 0

16 Comments on "Armed Citizen Saves Rookie Police Officer"

  1. a dam shame the thug didn’t finish the job

  2. Wildman, advocating the murder of anyone is despicable. You are the problem.

  3. The officer had better thank God for the second amendment. Thank you citizen for showing how important the second amendment is.

  4. Print this out and hand it to the next politically-appointed police chief when he starts ranting about more “gun control”.

    And “Wildman”, you’re the problem, not the solution.

  5. Avatar Joe Dirt | May 9, 2015 at 4:39 pm |

    Well if you witness the same, fill the thug with holes. It is justified and needed.

  6. Avatar DavyLovesLeasaCooper69 | May 9, 2015 at 6:50 pm |

    Good For Him. Gun Control What?

  7. An armed citizen? Didn’t the cop have a gun? Fat lot of good it did him? Maybe cop needs some training in unarmed combat, since this “thug” obviously got the better of him.

  8. I hope most of you realize the majority of the officers in Oklahoma support second amendment rights! And they most certainly appreciate those not afraid to get involved in helping an officer in need! Wish we knew who the guy was! He is a hero

  9. Avatar Karmadhyana | May 9, 2015 at 11:43 pm |

    I’m a member of MDAGSA, and I am not a gun owner. However, I’m thrilled to hear of a situation in which someone with a gun happened upon a crime and intervened–and no-one had to die. The officer was incredibly fortunate; it would be great if the witness let folks know who he is, and tells us why he did what he did. Positive actions spread; just like negativity spreads negativity. If this person identifies himself, and explains how he feels about what happened (and maybe even the gun issue), people might come closer to understanding ‘the other side’ of this subject. I’m so happy that this made the news; I plan on sharing it.

  10. Wildman , you are a sack of shit and should not be posting here. We need more news like this to be posted by the leftard agencies like CNN. They dont post this kind of news enough, or the thousands of times that people avoid a robbery or crime just by showing their legally owned gun. Spread the word.

  11. I believe 100% in gun control. Everyone should be able to control thier weapon and hit thier target…

  12. The guy probably doesn’t want the whole world to know who he is or where he lives. Now days you do anything to a black person it’s because your a racist not because they were commiting a crime. I’m surprised they aren’t rioting because someone aimed a gun at them and told them to stop beating that officers head in

  13. Avatar Allen Freauff | May 12, 2015 at 2:33 pm |

    27 years wearing a badge. Let’s look at this from the officers point. You chase him and catch him. You start wrestling with him. You have atleast three weapons on you, if he doesn’t have one on him. He attempts to get ahold of your gun, you use two hands to keep him from getting it. The he grabs your baton (required piece of equipment you are to carry). He pulls it out of the holder and starts to hit you. Have you ever tried to draw your gun from the prone position? Remember he’s hitting you while you try. Now you’ve got your gun out, should you shoot him? Remember he is only armed with a less than lethal weapon. Through you mind goe “Ferguson, New York, Baltimore, and about 5 other time officers have been accused of over reacting. By now he has hit you enough time to where you a injured to place you can barely see. Wait a minute this whole thing was brought on by your wish to help those people who are hurt and damaged by bad guys. And the city council doesn’t see any reason to increase your wages because all you do is drive arround and drnk coffee.

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