America’s Most Patriotic Rock Band Does The National Anthem Like You’ve NEVER Heard It Before

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If you haven’t heard of Madison Rising then you are definitely missing out. If you have heard of them, then you know what is coming, so turn up the volume and sit back and enjoy. Billed as America’s Most Patriotic Rock Band, their songs, lyrics and devotion to America are the very definition of patriotic. While their music genre may not be for everyone, their target is the youth of America and re-igniting the flame of freedom and patriotism in the next generations.

Let me say up front, I am NOT a fan of performers who monkey with the National Anthem in order to “make it their own.” That being said, the version put out by Madison Rising is very different from the traditional, but has a power and a reverence to the original that I cannot put into words.

Dave Bray, lead singer of Madison Rising, once said the concept for the song came to him in a dream and the band made that dream into a reality. It was so powerful that Dinesh D’Souza included the song in the soundtrack of his documentary, America: Imagine the world without her.

On July 23, 2012, Madison Rising in partnership with National Anthem Celebration Foundation made history by becoming the first band to ever perform at the Baltimore Historical Society standing next to the original Star Spangled Banner manuscript (in the bullet-proof case).

I have had the pleasure to meet the band in person, talked with them at length and I can tell you that their patriotism and sincerity is genuine. Their billing as America’s Most Patriotic Rock Band is not just hype. These young men, Dave Bray (lead singer), Sam Fishman (drums), A.J. Larsen (lead guitar) and Tom DiPietro (bass) are American through and through, they bleed Red, White and Blue.

Have a Safe and Happy Independence Day! Now turn the volume up a little more and listen one more time!

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