73-Year-Old Inactive Marine Punches A Bear In The Face

Black Bear

The sourcelink title called this elderly gentlemen an “ex-marine”, but I have enough Jarhead friends to know that you are NEVER an ex-Marine, you just become an Inactive Marine. Apparently this gentlemen didn’t really become inactive either because he punched a bear in the face to save his dogs and said Thursday he would do it again if the animal continue to be a threat.

According to KTLA sister station KTXL in Sacramento, the bear was trying to get past a low gate on the deck to Carl Moore’s Meadow Vista in Northern California house when he heard his Chihuahua barking.

“She was terrified,” Moore said.

Moore raised his arms and charged the bear, which retreated up a ramp leading to the deck.

According to several witnesses, the bear reared up and turned toward Moore, who smacked it in the face.

“Boom, I hit him good,” Moore said.

John Sargent, who also lives at the house couldn’t believe it.

“He whips to the right and hit him with a right. … It was crazy,” John Sargent said.

Sargent said Moore is an ex-Marine, former boxer and onetime bouncer at bars in Texas.

“This big right hand has sent a lot of people to the floor,” Moore said.

Moore believes the bear is responsible for three dozen chickens he’s lost in the past few weeks and was sure the bear was after his dogs.

“I never faced anything in my life that I didn’t figure I can whip,” Moore said.

Moore said he would do it again.

“These dogs are my babies,” Moore said.

Because the bear has been eating his chickens, Moore can get a permit that would allow the bear to be killed, state wildlife officials said.

But Moore doesn’t want to kill the animal.

“If it comes back, I’ll call 911 and let the sheriff do it because I don’t want to shoot no animal,” Moore said.

And of course this story brings to mind Mel Brooks’ classic Blazing Saddles where Mungo punches the horse.

Source: KTLA5

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  1. Avatar george popps | May 3, 2015 at 5:29 am |

    I like the Story of old marine fighting for his dogs. Thank you for it. I know how he feels about his dogs they are more than friend’s.

    • You’re welcome George. I loved the story too. “Once a Marine, always a Marine!”

      Thanks for your comment,
      Tim Black

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