Is The 2nd Amendment A ‘Whites Only’ Privilege? [VIDEO]

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The recent News has been filled with discussions of “institutionalized racism” within law enforcement, a “disenfranchised” black community and general racial divisions across the board. The video below would seem to validate all of those claims, but does it? The video, posted under the title “Black Man Vs. White Man Carrying AR-15 Legally,” depicts two very different law enforcement interactions with individuals openly carrying an AR-15, LEGALLY in Oregon supposedly.

This video is a compilation of a couple of videos that misrepresents the facts.

  • A: The first part of the video featuring markedguardian of Oregon, is in fact in Oregon, but it was filmed back in 2012, not long after the Trayvon Martin incident and the Aurora CO movie theater shooting.
  • B: The second part was actually in Nevada (Washoe County Sheriffs) and was not long after the Washington Navy Shipyard mass shooting.
  • C: Both states do have legal open carry of long rifles.

This particular video, watermarked as a LiveLeak video, was uploaded in May 2015 on the heels of several black/white incidents involving law enforcement. The two encounters are completely different and the video implies that it is entirely based on race, which may well be true, but as you can see there were other incidents at the time of each video that may have affected the reactions of law enforcement as well. Videos like this, along with media sensationalism of racially charged events as well as mass shooting events DO have an effect on the public psyche, including the psyches of law enforcement as well.

Recent stories like the one out of Kentucky where the Sheriff said ‘We Are Glad That He Is White’ regarding a suspect that was shot by officers, illustrates just how much media coverage of such events have an effect on law enforcement and how they view and interact with different members of the community. Pulling videos from years gone by and reposting them in a compilation that feeds on current unrest is irresponsible and further adds to the divisions already being exacerbated by the media. It may represent an opinion of law enforcement, but it says that opinion dishonestly. Every American shares the same rights and the exercise of those rights should be universally respected. Part of the issue is the racial divisions fomenting in America and part of the issue is the infringement upon the 2nd amendment rights of Americans. For too long, guns have been an “out of sight, out of mind” proposition in most of the country, with either outright bans on carrying weapons or requirements to keep them concealed. As more and more states move towards open carry, and in many cases Constitutional carry, firearms are being seen more often in public. This disturbs some people and results in law enforcement interactions with legally armed law-abiding citizens. It doesn’t always go smoothly no matter what your skin color may be. Moving forward we must ask ourselves which is more important to us as a nation, protecting and exercising our rights or continuing to propagate racial stereotypes and divisions.

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  1. I still don’t get the point of carrying long guns around town. Unnecessary and really counterproductive. Scaring the public with weapons will work not solidify one’s 2nd Amendment rights, quite the contary.
    If ISIS goofballs were active in your county then open carry would make sense and citizens would feel safer. We don’t have that yet. Get one (or two) ammo learn to use it, get trainimg. Then secure it close bye ready for service, not parade around making yourself a target.

  2. Did you miss what just happened recently in Texas? Isis “goofballs” are active in this country. Expect to see more and more of them. The government cannot protect us from this. We have to protect each other. While I do not open carry long guns unless hunting. It is our right to do so, and instead of catering to the sensitivity of people who choose not to exercise that right, the message should be clear: GET OVER IT. IF IT OFFENDS YOU OR MAKES YOU UNCOMFORTABLE, TOO DAMN BAD. I have to accept a lot of things in life that I would rather not. We all do. Embrace what it means to be an American, or go find some socialist country to live in where the government dictates everything, and you can live life with your head in the sand.

  3. What was the outcome of the second video? Were there charges? Was there a crime or a conviction? Was his weapon returned in a timely manner?

  4. They meaning governing law enforcement will if not already have a huge fear of BLACKS and the gun, as soon as the majority of blacks finally figure out how they have been played by liberal politicians.

  5. Avatar TR Strunk | May 19, 2015 at 7:22 am |

    So a group of people lets say “ISIS” are walking down the street with AK’s and AR’s maybe going to the local church and the Police are to just stand by and not stop and question them only to be ask why they didn’t stop the group from going into the church and shooting everyone inside later.

    Yes people have the right to carry openly in the U.S. but why do so with no need to do so? In a time when we have such groups like ISIS looking to kill many and with Combat style weapons (CSW) why do some insist on making Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) job harder by doing ridiculous actions like carrying CSW openly down local streets for no reason but to prove they can?

  6. These comments illustrate the problem in America when it comes to guns. They have been kept out of sight and out of mind for so long that people freak out at the mere sight of one. Add to that a myriad of useless “gun control” laws that foster a FALSE sense of security in the population at large and you get a population largely willing to voluntarily give up their right to keep and bear arms. ISIS, or at least ISIS sympathizers ARE here in America, along with criminals, dangerously mentally ill people and a government bent on controlling or regulating more and more of our lives on a daily basis. If you’re worried about someone walking down the street with a firearm, whether it’s a pistol or an AK47, then be responsible enough to arm and train yourself. Restricting the rights of others makes YOU less free yourself. Stop abdicating your personal responsibility to the State and remember this is the land of the FREE and home of the BRAVE.

  7. I would also like to see the out come of the second part of the video as well as hear the reason as to why the officer was in the area to begin with. Those key facts would change how this situation played out. Was the Deputy just on patrol in the area and saw the man walking with the firearm or was he dispatched there for a man with a gun? at the end was the firearm returned at the end of the incident or were there charges filed against him? These things make a difference in how law enforcement acts in the situation. Yes people have the right to own and bear arms in this great nation and I advocate them doing that but at the same time you need to be very aware that you may be stopped by law enforcement because you are carrying a firearm. They might and often times are in the right to question you about your weapon. Where i live you can open carry a firearm almost anywhere but if you do not have a CCW then you can not open carry a loaded weapon so an officer has the right to stop you and ask if you have a CCW or if the weapon is not loaded. this would be allowed in their duties to make sure you are following the laws. So yeah you can carry a weapon in this nation but that does not mean that you can carry a weapon and no one can say a word about it. if that were the case then even a felon could carry a weapon and get away with it.

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