Brady Campaign Lawsuit Against Ammo Company Thrown Out

A lawsuit filed last September by the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence (also known as the “Brady Campaign”) on behalf of Sandy and Lonnie Phillips – the family of one of Holmes’ alleged victims – was thrown out in late March. The plaintiffs were ordered to pay the defendants legal fees…


Cornyn Takes A “Subtle” Twitter Pot Shot at Cruz. Cruz Spokeswoman Responds Brutally

You know what it’s like. Someone throws out “subtle” twitter generalizations but everyone involved knows EXACTLY who was the intended target of the criticism. It’s known on the ‘net as a subtweet.

Well, apparently Sen. Jon Cornyn (R-Texas) had something to say to Sen. Ted Cruz.

Well, apparently Sen. Jon Cornyn (R-Texas) had something to say to Sen. Ted Cruz.

South Carolina House Approves Permitless Carry

Total Share: 25222100Colombia, South Carolina – New legislation aiming to allow Georgia Concealed Carry Permit holders to legally carry in South Carolina was amended to allow permitless concealed carry; this is not be confused with permitless carry known…

Call To Arms: GOP and Tea Party Face Off

The Tea Party movement is looking to allow parts of the Patriot Act to expire this year. Other Republicans will only allow the un-Patriotic Act to be renewed if the NSA’s domestic spying – uhh…surveillance program is restricted. The expiring provisions cover surveillance against ‘lone wolves’ and specific wiretaps known as roving wiretaps.